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Modell: 730ILength: 7.10Width: 2.50Clearance height: 1.12Depth: 0.6Material: polyesterWeight: 1200Persons: 10Hull shape: deep-vCE-Mark: CPrice: € 33.950,00Engine: Vetus 27 pk (standaard)Amount of cylinders: 3Maximum power (hp): 110Fuel: DieselFuel tank: ingebouwdTank content: 40 Configurate boat Download brochure Price list Find a dealer

Maxima 730I

The Maxima 730I tender is the largest model in the series. This is the dieselinboard version of the Maxima 730. Here, too, the rear entry is provided for the comfortable boarding of your tender. Furthermore, a lot of space and a lot of comfort on board. Nice high back cushions, a toilet / storage space and a further option for a large cooler and a kitchen. Of course, the round seat can be converted into a large sunbed. Standard a stainless steel strip as protection for the bathing platform. The bathing platform is ideal if you want to swim or water sports, but it also offers protection against the propeller of the motor. The swimming platform is also very useful for boarding and disembarking.

This tendersloop is also fast-moving, the underwatership is extremely suitable for this and with up to 110 hp of power, you can effortlessly travel great distances. But also the slow sailing makes this boat excellent. Stable, steady and good visibility ensure that you feel extremely comfortable while sailing.

General information:
Length: 7,10 meter
Beam: 2,50 meter
Depth: 0,50 meter
Weight: 1250 kg
CE category : C/D
Number of persons: 10/12
Clearance height:  112 cm
Maximum power:  110 hp diesel engine
Standard equipment:
- Standard hull color: black, dark grey, light grey, white or dark blue
- Stainless steel protecting strip around the bathing platform
- Stainless steel bow protecting strip
- Stainless steel railing above the hull
- Stainless steel railing around the back seat
- Big storage rooms
- Several storage rooms
- Anchor safe in front of the boat
- Separate toilet space
- Rubrail black or light grey with stainless steel endings
- Stainless steel cleats (6 pieces)
- Stainless steel bow eye
- Perfect seats and sit positions
- Luxury sit and cushions (diamand/hitch/markilux)
- Steering console
- Luxury steering system
- Stainless steel steering wheel 
- Waterline colour: black, white, grey, orange
- Preparation for kitchen and sink
Basic price boat:
With Vetus 27 hp 3 cylinder and 40 liter tank € 33.950,=
With Vetus 33 hp 4 cylinder and 40 liter tank € 34.950,=
With Vetus 42 hp 4 cylinder and 40 liter tank € 36.500,=
With Vetus 52 hp 4 cylinder and 40 liter tank € 37.500,=
With Vetus 80 hp 4 cylinder and 70 liter tank € 47.950,=
With Vetus 110 hp 4 cylinder and 70 liter tank € 50.950,=
Preparation costs incl. mounting motor, main switch, battery, throttle cable and battery box €1195,=
Black, dark grey or light grey  deck € 500,=
Other RAL-colour hull € 500,=
Sunbed € 500,=
Luxury cushions with diamonds € 600,=
Fin teak front deck  € 695,=
Deluxe package: € 1850,=
            - Teakline floor
            - Navigationlights LED in hull
            - 360 degrees led toplight
            - Automatic bilge pump
            - Switch panel console with 12 volt plug
Sprayhood with stainless steel frame, back cover & storage cover (sport/family) € 3250,=
Sprayhood with stainless steel frame, back cover & unzippable front window  € 3650,=
Blinding sprayhood  € 295,=
Biminitop deluxe with stainless steel frame and extendable legs  €  1200,=
Maxima pillows (small /medium /large)  €  60/75/90,=
Stainless steel swimming ladder  € 500,=
Big cool unit 40 liter content with above charger  €  1250,=
Kitchen € 1295,=
Side compartments with finteak  € 295,=
Vetus bow thruster € 2250,=
Hydraulic steering € 1395,=
Extra fuel tank12/ 24 liter €  140,=
Built-in tank 120 liter € 895,=
Antifouling system 5 layers incl. epoxy underlay €  1050,=
Ready to go package: 4x fender, 4 x ropes, anchor with line € 195,=
Chemical toilet Porta potti  € 135,=         
Oval table with detachable leg € 250,=
Oval table with finteak with removable leg  € 350,=
Flagpole small model € 75,=
Flagpole big model € 155,=
SCM approved outboard engine lock € 95,=      
SCM approved cable lock 5 meter € 119,=
SCM approved chain 2 meter €185,=
Configurate sloop Configurate your sloop in 9 simple steps
Hull colour
Inside deck colour
Cushion set
Colour rope fender and rubrail
Maxima 730I
Aan het laden
Pay attention: this image is only an impression. The reality could be different.
1. Choose engine
2. Choose hull colour
3. Choose inside deck colour
4. Choose sprayhood
5. Choose cushion set
6. Choose colour rope fender and rubrail
7. Choose waterline
8. Choose comfort
9. Personal data
Hull colour
Inside deck colour
Cushion set
Colour rope fender and rubrail
Maxima 730I
Aan het laden
Pay attention: this image is only an impression. The reality could be different.
Summary Basic price:€ 33.950,00 Preparation costs: € 1.195,00 Total: € 35.145,00
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